Empower Now Testimonies

I recently participated in Empower Now, and the benefits of that week are hard to overstate. The combination of deep yet practical teaching and the relational connection of process groups is powerful. If I had merely attended Empower Now for that week, the impact would have been significant, but the even better news is that Empower Now’s impact goes beyond that week. You see, my process group has continued to meet as part of GrowthSkills’ Growth 365 program. This makes such a difference. Empower Now is such an incredible week, and it provides a swift and powerful jolt to kickstart growth. When that jolt is combined with the ongoing support of Growth 365, long-term, sustainable transformation is really possible. I am so grateful for the GrowthSkills team and their prayerful, intentional, wise work. They are changing lives—including mine!

Brett, Pastor

My time there with the team has provided the understanding and momentum I have needed to push through barriers that were truly holding me captive, some of which I just discovered there at the workshop! The skills I learned through the teaching and the processing group times are already being used and are positively impacting those around me as well. Thank you so very much for helping me to take advantage of this life changing experience.

Ron, Company President

The total experience was a huge blessing to me and therefore to my family. The counselors and other staff helped me to look deeply at some fundamental issues I have been dealing with for a long time. Along with the closer look I was able to hear about and begin to implement strategies towards healthy behaviors.

Tim, Business Owner

I think the most amazing experience was being in a small group of vulnerable, authentic bros/sis who loved each other by accepting one another’s brokenness/weaknesses, and then were instruments through which God could pour out His love and grace to each other. I think several of us found healing and much encouragement to continue the difficult work of healing from our wounds as well as greater insight into how much further we need to go in areas that we thought were “OK.” It was an unforgettable journey of participating in true community.

Ann, Missionary

Empower now, has been the answer to a prayer I was not even praying for.  For the past couple of months, I knew something had to change I just did not know anything could. Today, I know I can be home knowing I have been blessed beyond what I can describe with the people and tools to proceed in growth and stature in the name of Jesus.  I feel so enriched. So grounded! and very, very thankful for everything I was able to experience this week.

Rachel, Coach/Volunteer

For the first time, I gained a fresh perspective on how to fail well, how to have a healthier relationship with conflict, and how to begin to live with an awareness of how I feel and what I need.  What life changing lessons! I have seen these principles help me in my marriage, my ministry work life, my relationships with extended family, and beyond.  I am learning to be honest with myself and then with others, and not feel the pressure to mediate and “fix” things for everyone else.  I feel lighter, freer, and more at peace.  You cannot put a price tag on these gifts!

Wendy, School Co-Founder