Natalie Argo

Natalie received her B.A. in Psychology and M.S. in Clinical Psychology from Vanguard University and graduated with high honors. Natalie and has worked in the field of Human Services for 10 years with 5 years of direct counseling experience. Natalie has served her community in a variety of contexts ranging from pastoral leadership to life coaching, and clinical counseling.

In her clinical training, Natalie worked in substance use recovery, eating disorder recovery, private practice, non-profit clinics, and school-based counseling programs.

In her practice today, Natalie meets with individuals ready to make meaningful positive change in their lives.  Natalie is a dynamic and practical therapist who honors the courage it takes to process, grow, and heal, working with clients in a compassionate and collaborative way.  Natalie maintains professional excellence in her field by staying up to date on the latest clinical strategies and attending clinical consultation groups.

In her program development work, Natalie works with local organizations to create systems that support long term healing.  Natalie recently served as the horticulture therapist at St. Joseph’s School where she developed a school garden program to decrease bullying on campus and build self-esteem in students. Prior to that, she initiated video communication programs for Vanguard University and Fellowship of Christian Athletes to better broadcast the mission of each organization and facilitate meaningful connection within each ministry.

In her spare time, Natalie enjoys beach volleyball, tending to her flower and vegetable gardens, mindfulness and meditation, travel, and being with her friends and family.


Phone: 949-534-2521