12 Christian Beliefs – Group DVD Study


Authors: Drs. Cloud and Townsend

This DVD includes the 12 Christian beliefs on 2 DVD's. Each chapter is 30 minutes each.

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12 Christian Beliefs reveals the false assumptions that many people develop from misreading the Bible and listening to someone teach who misinterprets God’s truth.

This in-depth publication addresses the 12 most common beliefs and allows you to see for yourself what life changing promises God intended you to see in the scriptures.

Downloadable Discussion Questions (PDF Guides):

Part 1: It’s selfish to have my needs met

Part 2: If I’m spiritual enough, I will have no pain or sinfulness

Part 3: If I change my behavior, I will grow spiritually

Part 4: I just need to give it to the Lord

Part 5: One day, I’ll be finished with recovery

Part 6: Leave the past behind

Part 7: If I have God, I don’t need people

Part 8: “Shoulds” are good

12 Christian Beliefs Part 9: Guilt and shame are good for me.

Part 10: If I make right choices, I will grow spiritually

Part 11: Just doing the right thing is more important than why I do it

Part 12: If I know the truth, I will grow

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