Safe People- Group DVD Study


Authors:  Drs. Cloud and Townsend

Safe People Small Group Study DVD – Newly Recorded
Description: Introduction – 15 Minutes
13 Chapters/Sessions – 15 Minutes Each

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DVD Group Study:

  • Introduction – 15 Minutes
  • 13 Chapters/Sessions – 15 Minutes Each

We all know bad things can happen to good people – but another truth is that sometimes bad people happen to good people. We were designed by God to draw life not only from Him but from others. Because we are not self-sustaining, we need other people in order to live rich and full lives. Connection with good, safe people affects all areas of life: from our health to our performance, to our emotional well-being. But how do you know what to look for in significant relationships? Often we are unaware that we are actively or passively drawing people that hurt us. If your “people-picker” is broken, this series will help you repair it. You’ll learn what unsafe people are, and how to recognize them. You’ll see clearly what your own issues are in attracting the wrong type of people. And, best of all, you’ll discover what a safe person is, and what traits you should look for.

Downloadable Discussion Questions (PDF Guides):

Introduction to Safe People

SafePeople Chapter 1

Safe People Chapter 2

Safe People Chapter 3

Safe People Chapter 4

Safe People Chapter 5

Safe People Chapter 6

Safe People Chapter 7

Safe People Chapter 8

Safe People Chapter 9

Safe People Chapter 10

Safe People Chapter 11

Safe People Chapter 12

Safe People Chapter 13

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