Who’s Pushing your Buttons Series – Video/MP4



Author: Dr. John Townsend

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“That person really pushes my buttons!” The expression is a familiar one, and we know all too well what’s meant by it! But what exactly makes a person a button pusher? How can you be sure you’re dealing with one? And what do you do when “that person” happens to be your spouse, child, mother, or someone you are dating? In this first part of our new, five-part series, Dr. Townsend will help you identify the button pusher in your life and understand why that person can so easily affect you. He’ll also give you an insight into why button pushers are the way they are. What you learn will go a long way towards developing a strategy that works with your button pusher.

Downloadable Discussion Questions (PDF Guides):

Pushing Buttons Part 1

Pushing Buttons Part 2

Pushing Buttons Part 3

Pushing Buttons Part 4

Pushing Buttons Part 5


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