Stacey Lujan

Stacey Sharp

Stacey Sharp is our Growth365 Manager as well as our Media Manager. Stacey is the sole owner of her Media Marketing and Branding Company, SLMedia of 12 years and works additionally with Dr. John Townsend, the Townsend Institute at Concordia University and Townsend Leadership as their Media Relations Manager. Stacey is also a Certified StoryBrand Guide founded by Townsend Institute Fellow and Author of Business Made Simple, Donald Miller.


Stacey first became aquainted with GrowthSkills through attending her first GrowthSkills workshop in 2017 where she experienced exponential personal breakthrough from childhood and adult trauma, and has since had a heart for the GrowthSkills mission and the attendees continued growth well after the workshop has concluded through our Growth365 Program.


Stacey is a single mom of 3 adult children, and an empty-nester who now enjoys lake living in the ski resort town of Whitefish, Montana near Glacier National Park, where she spends her time skiing, kayaking, wake-boarding, cliff jumping and hiking.


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