GrowthSkills provides several 5-day workshops
built on the combination of world-class teaching
and dynamic process groups.

Attend a workshop! You'll see yourself and your world with fresh eyes, giving you the ability to maximize your potential and live the life you were created for.

We combine classroom-style learning with Drs.
Henry Cloud and John Townsend and other teachers, with experiences that flow from connection with others. The process groups provide a safe, supportive place where the participants can all be open and create a meaningful connection. We all have limitations... and this is a place where we can grow beyond them.

Who you are on the inside affects how you interact with the people in your area of influence.

Designed for those in any type of leadership role: pastors, non-profit leaders & business owners, Ultimate Leadership focuses on the learned behaviors that affect how you work and relate to others.

How you think affects you and the choices you make.

This interactive workshop is designed to provide new skills to improve problem-solving abilities, eliminate negative attitudes, and help you learn strategies for a stronger, better life.

True growth happens when we focus on the whole person and not on symptoms alone.

From psychologists and mental health workers to coaches and lay counselors, if you are in a helping role, this workshop will teach you not only how to further your growth, but how to address issues that hinder growth.

*Registration fee includes 5 nights lodging.

Henry Cloud

Doctors Cloud and Townsend - clinical psychologists and NY Times Best Selling Authors - travel all over the world, speaking to thousands every year about leadership, emotional health, boundaries, and the skills required to live and lead better.

The GrowthSkills team is proud to partner with them, offering unique access to this exceptional teaching in smaller, intimate groups of 50 or less.

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