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An interactive workshop experience unlike any other for business professionals, pastors coaches, teachers, ministry leaders, and anyone whose life or work influences others.


Create a healthy team atmosphere

Improve work productivity

Increase problem solving abilities

Improve confrontation skills

Overcome personal obstacles to success

Why Ultimate Leadership is so Effective

All of us can grow in the kind of character needed to bring about fruitful relationships, achievement of purpose, mission, and goals. The Bible and proven scientific research assert that growth occurs when new information is combined with new experience. Ultimate Leadership combines dynamic teaching with small group experiences led by highly-trained professionals. Our facilitators help you personalize the information on a deeper level, so it relates to your own life and leadership. You will come away with practical skills and new insights that will help you attain relational and professional success.


July 15-19, 2019 - September 09-13, 2019 - November 18-22, 2019

February 24-28, 2020 - May 04-08, 2020 - July 13-17, 2020 - September 14-18, 2020 - November 16-20, 2020

Registration fee includes 5 nights lodging and 10 meals

All workshops are held in Orange County, CA near the Orange County/Santa Ana Airport