Jobey Eddleman photo

Jobey Eddleman - President

Jobey Eddleman is the Senior Vice President of Tax for LS Power Development, LLC (“LSP”). LSP is a power generation, transmission and investment group headquartered in NYC. Prior to joining LSP in 2001, she worked for KPMG LLP for fifteen years in Houston TX and Billings MT. Jobey is a CPA and has Bachelor’s degrees in accounting and finance from Texas Tech University. She was raised on a ranch in Montana that was 23 miles and a world away from the closest town. Growing up there rooted in her many powerful things, such as the commitment to work hard, to be responsible, and to be grateful for love, freedom, and vast, beautiful places like the ranch. In 2011 Jobey attended the Ultimate Leadership workshop (“UL”), which, like the ranch, was a different world. UL raised her up and implanted in her experiences, understanding, and a commitment to growth and healing that have deeply-deeply enriched and expanded her life. Said differently, UL gave Jobey more than tools to live and work differently; it also soaked healing, growth, and love into her bones. Such is the transformation of UL and the service of GrowthSkills.