Marianne Weaver

Marianne Weaver

Dr. Marianne Weaver is a Licensed Psychologist in Oregon and was licensed as a Marriage and Family Therapist when she lived in California. She earned both her PsyD in Clinical Psychology and her MA in Marriage and Family Therapy from Azusa Pacific University.

Dr. Weaver is currently the Director of the Counseling Center at Eastern Oregon University (EOU). Along with doing tons of fun therapy with college students, she finds deep meaning in teaching for both EOU and for Concordia University in the Townsend Institute. Her favorite classes to teach are Family Therapy, Trauma Therapy, Addictions Therapy and Human Sexuality.

Dr. Weaver lives in La Grande, Oregon with her two teenagers, Bethani, and Aaron. As a single mom, Marianne consistently finds herself being challenged by her kids to work her own stuff so that she can give them enough of what they need to help them grow into adulthood.

Living in a more geographically isolated area has enabled Marianne to practice rural psychology. She can rarely go to the store, or even for a walk, without seeing either a current or past client. This has challenged her to become very authentic and integrated in her everyday life. Dr. Weaver also maintains a small private clinical and coaching practice with a home office in La Grande and shares that one of her favorite memories is when a client drove to his appointment on his tractor.

Dr. Weaver joins the facilitator team at GrowthSkills because she believes deeply in the power of group work. “We all have needs to be seen, experienced, and loved in all of who we are. A psychologically safe group can meet the deepest needs of our human desires in ways that we just don’t get to experience when we do individual therapy or coaching.” As you get to know Marianne, you will see that she leads, teaches, coaches, and facilitates from a place of vulnerability, authenticity, and the courage to name the truth.