One Week Intensive Testimonies

I just wanted to take some time to thank you for making OWI accessible to me. My prayer was that God would open my eyes to hidden faults or sins that were holding me back from being most effective as I serve. I took so much away from my week and from working my action plan. One of the things that I recall on a regular basis is something one of the facilitators said about fear. She said that for most of us fear is "in the car with us", but we just must make sure that it is in the backseat, not driving. Moving fear in the backseat has allowed me to recognize it, but not allow it to influence me like it had in the past.

Ann, Process Group Facilitator

The One Week Intensive was critical in my professional development. I had graduated from a master’s program the summer prior and found myself limited in treating individuals as most training programs focus on treating the symptoms that present in session rather than the "whole person". OWI provided me with tools and experiences that I am likely to not come by again unless I were to attend another GrowthSkills workshop.

Lyndsie, Reg MFT Intern

The OWI was truly a wonderful experience!  I will take the tools and skills I gained with me throughout life.  The teaching and information sessions will be invaluable as I work with my clients.  The teaching and information sessions gave me a wonderful framework to merge my faith with my clinical training.  Not only did I grow professionally, but personally as well through the small group sessions.  Through the small group, I gained I new knowledge and authority in setting and protecting my personal boundaries as one who is a professional counselor as well as a ministry leader.
Your generosity has truly made a difference not only in my life, but in the lives of my clients as well as the people under my ministry leadership.  Words cannot express my sincere gratitude and appreciation for this opportunity.

Tondra, Counselor
Southern California

That OWI week had a profound impact on my life. It not only gave me a clearer picture on how to assess and address the root issues of my clients, but it also got into my roots. This all happened at a perfect time in my life. I was experiencing so much anger which is definitely not my M.O. It was no mistake who God put into my group so I would have to deal with it. I saw this same thing replicated for the rest of the participants as well. Every single group member had a breakthrough. I left exhausted yet filled to the brim with new tools and a deep knowing something had shifted. I miss my fellow groupies so much!!! All that was gleaned from my special week is not being wasted. I pull out my notes, review them and continue to practice what I have learned to the best of my ability.

Wendy, M.A., LMHC