Author: Dr. Henry Cloud

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Criticism often feels like a put-down; it conveys disapproval, and can be hurtful. Harsh criticism often causes marriages to fail, and can harm all of your relationships. We need to be able to offer constructive feedback that isn’t intended to hurt someone, and know how to do it in such a way that the other person can receive it and benefit from it. Do you criticize in a negative and hurtful way? Or do you give feedback that is constructive and kind to the other person? Our past experience influences how we give others our view of them, and can make feedback feel like a put-down even when it isn’t intended that way. It is important to be able to tell the difference between criticism and helpful feedback; we can learn from Galatians 6 and from the book of Proverbs. Dr. Cloud will offer helpful insight into the area of criticism and feedback.

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