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Author: Dr. Henry Cloud
Softcover Book

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“The balance of work and personal life can cause a myriad of problems but they all boil down to a single issue, argues Cloud. Many career-inhibiting problems from shoddy management skills to unclear focus to slow growth can be attributed to a breakdown of boundaries necessary to maintain a balance between work life and personal life, especially as technology makes it possible for individuals to be on-call every moment of the day.

Cloud espouses the virtues of self-definition and self-control, and his series of engaging analogies and examples helps readers conduct an internal self-audit by identifying core values, visions, missions and goals. The author hones in on common weaknesses overdeveloped needs for security, approval, and perfectionism and leads readers through a plan for regaining control of themselves, their work and their lives with easy-to-follow activities to implement changes as personal policies. Unfailingly encouraging, Cloud is a fine advocate for the benefit of gaining control and protecting boundaries and his book is a must-have life management bible.”

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