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Authors: Drs. Cloud and Townsend
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A Comprehensive Guide to Parenting with Grace and Truth

Raising Great Kids, by Dr. Henry Cloud and Dr. John Townsend, addresses the importance of being a parent and the six character traits every child needs to develop to become a responsible adult.

Parenting is a complex and demanding task. Yet it is one of the most important responsibilities that any person ever takes on. Child rearing is the job of nurturing and training a child over time into someone who is ready for adulthood. This takes time, love and effort. And many parents feel overwhelmed with the job.

The Raising Great Kids material was developed for that need. The material takes the approach that the job of parenting is primarily that of developing character in the child. Character is the sum of the child’s abilities to deal with life as God intended. There are six important traits of character that parents need to develop in children, at all ages and stages of development.

They are Connectedness: learning to relate, trust, and attach to God and safe people.
Responsibility: taking ownership of their lives, behavior, emotions and values.
Reality: learning to deal with imperfect people in an imperfect world (including themselves)
Competence: developing skills and expertise in school, tasks, jobs and other areas.
Morality: becoming a person with a healthy conscience and ethics.
Worship/Spiritual Life: developing a vital and ongoing relationship with God.

As parents apply themselves to these areas of character, children learn to function with the many demands that life puts on them. In addition, Raising Great Kids addresses the important issue of balancing love and discipline. So many parents are confused about how affirming and positive to be with children, and how structured and strict to be. The material provides principles to help the parent gain skills in staying connected to the child, and still being in control of the parenting process.

Raising Great Kids applies to kids of all ages, from birth to 18, and will provide parents with a biblical and practical way to successfully conduct the child rearing process.
Raising great kids is a goal that is both overwhelming and frightening for many parents. The responsibility of someone’s life in your hands, knowing your own failings, can make anyone anxious and unsure.

Raising Great Kids guides parents in laying the best foundation they can, parenting with truth and grace.

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