Ultimate Leadership Testimonies - Ministry Leaders

The Ultimate Leadership experience, for me, was the ultimate game changer! I was encouraged to attend by many in my sphere of influence because of my passion for leadership development in my community and my role as a teacher/coach. UL uncovered the “missing pieces” to my leadership development, which had so much less to do with what I knew as a leader than who I was as a leader and the way I showed up as a leader.

Jeff, Townsend Leadership Group Coach/ Consultant/ TLP Director

The work that Growth Skills is doing is making a difference in people’s lives; it made a difference in mine. I have a new perspective on how I approach leadership and relationship.

Ed, Non-profit Ministry

This was probably the most earth shaking experience I’ve ever had. If you haven’t been to Ultimate Leadership then you haven’t experienced leadership from this perspective. Your world will be altered. Go!

Phillip, Worship and Art Director

I needed this, everyone needs this. I will be sending two of my staff as soon as I can raise the money for them to go. In my mind, there is no higher endorsement that that.

Troy, National Director
North Dakota

It was a great week! It has changed my life and is like my heart is alive again! I have longed for this for a long time!

Theresa, Teacher/Mentor

Before attending the Ultimate Leadership Workshop, my life had already been greatly touched by the ministry entrusted to Drs. Henry Cloud and John Townsend. Since walking through the lessons taught in Boundaries, I had learned that true healthy boundaries do not really limit but actually prune an individual to be more fruitful in all areas of life. As a physician/ surgeon, I encounter myriads of needs daily, and often I would feel the limitations of medicine in dealing with the emotional bondages many face. Now however, many times when patients would ask me for “nerve” pills to meet their stresses, I found myself giving away or recommending Cloud/Townsend books. I am so grateful for these resources that help to meet the hurting whom I encounter daily.
Ignited by the temptations of personal/spiritual growth, I attended the Ultimate Leadership Workshop with fiery anticipation and an open heart. The leadership didactic lectures were phenomenal, and the process groups facilitated the digestion of head knowledge into heart revelation. It was theoretically challenging for a group of strangers to connect so deeply in one short week. Yet it was done with grace and truth. I am truly grateful for the new travel companions I have met.
Since the workshop, the contagious spillovers have infiltrated many areas of my life. I came home, and the very next day went back to teach children’s church. One child was facing difficult issues with a peer, and we ended up “processing” conflict in relationships. Then other children opened up to share their heart and difficulties. We integrated these processes with lessons on grace, forgiveness, and friendships. The next week I returned to work and encountered new obstacles, I was able to use these as stepping stones before my medical students and residents as forum in communication, team work, and ways to strategize to resolve difficulties.
As I ponder over Dr. Townsend’s words to “treat conflicts as normalcy,” I am also reminded of Daniel 11:32b that I had read in another language, “They who INTIMATELY know their God, FOR SURE, will do great exploits like everyday business.” I have come to understand that to do great exploits like everyday business also means one would face great trials like everyday business. And that is what the Cloud/Townsend resources and the culminating Ultimate Leadership Workshop experience have done for me-- that is, equipping me to face trials like everyday business.

Lily Yang, physician, surgeon, teacher, small group mentor, children's church worker
Alexandria, LA

The Ultimate was intense, packed with wisdom, and activated stunning insights concerning my vital relationships with God, my self and others--a real answer to my sincere prayers for understanding and help.

My performance appraisals (leadership and otherwise) have always been very strong. However, I've perceived myself repeatedly encountering ill-defined barriers which have interfered with my ability to attain my desired level of effectiveness as a leader and in my personal relationships. The Ultimate got me well on the road to identifying, understanding and addressing my internal blocks in unexpected ways. This good work continues in my life as I actively pursue and extend on a "next step action plan" formulated at the workshop.

While the registration fee initially seemed pricey, I came away regarding it as a tremendous bargain that exceeded the total dollar value of included components! But more importantly, I view my progressive character development through The Ultimate and beyond as truly priceless.

If leaders are looking for a little personal tweaking and mainly to upgrade a leadership skills-set or knowledge-base, this workshop might possibly disappoint--and could even frustrate! But for those open to a paradigm shift in their thinking about leadership, and to the challenge of experiencing what it's like to be leaders who relate from the heart, this really is "The Ultimate" workshop.

Deb K., small group leader
Rochester, NY

I had the privilege of being involved with the Ultimate Leadership workshop at two levels, both of which made a significant impact on my life.

First, being involved as a participant, I was able to see issues in my life as a part of my process group that proved to be a "grace and truth" green house. I live and work in a very growth oriented environment where I thought I was getting more than my share of valuable input into my personal and spiritual growth. However, during that one week, I was able to take huge steps forward in becoming all that God wanted for me as well as getting more equipped to secure "the land" He has for me.

During the three workshops that I helped lead and coordinate, I saw more monumental life change happen in one week than I’d seen in all the other jobs I had on staff with Campus Crusade during my 17 years! I tell everybody that this is THE BEST spent money for your life, your marriage or marriage yet to come, and certainly your career, no matter what it is.

Lillie Cashion, ministry leader
High Point, NC

My experience at the [Ultimate] was life-changing. The teaching was excellent and the process groups were very impactful. The quality of the therapists was amazing--they are incredibly insightful. The growth I experienced didn't occur only during the [Ultimate]...I'm still experiencing the positive outcomes of the event five months later. I strongly recommend it to anyone who is open to taking a closer look at who they are and what they need to grow.

Maryam K., Family Ministry
Cincinnati, OH

How can I ever find the words to express my gratitude for all you and your team do behind the scenes to make the Ultimate Leadership workshop such a life-changing experience? In gratitude, I want to attempt to do just that.
The week itself was exciting, scary, painful, thrilling, exhausting, exhilarating, and extraordinary. The small group facilitators were just incredible. Drs. Cloud and Townsend were so articulate and taught with such sensitivity and humor that the didactics flew by with never a dull moment. Having a quiet, comfortable room to relax in, process, pray, cry, and journal in was great. And, Maureen, you have an uncanny way of knowing just the word of welcome, encouragement, and care to say in just the right moment.
More than anything else I want you all to know it is an Ultimate Gift that "keeps on giving." It is as though there were little bubbles implanted in my very soul that continue to "pop”, revealing more truth and resulting in ongoing "aha" moments of wisdom and grace. Amazing! How long does this keep happening?
Thank you for your encouragement to attend. The best money I've ever spent! And now I have the joy of sending off three of my coaching clients, who leave shortly for the May Ultimate. I'm so excited for them, and it is an extra incentive (like I needed one!) to keep everyone involved bathed in prayer.

Carol Johnston, Director, StephenMinistry
Berkeley, California

I continue to marvel at the way these two wise and compassionate doctors are able to communicate God’s good news to us.
Kiha and I have been married for just about twenty-two years and have been exposed to some of the most powerful "inner work" methods available, yet we continued to be stuck in particular areas. John and Henry’s clear examples of “how to,” their authenticity and transparency, and their gracious delivery spoke to Kiha and really broke through to him.
I am deeply grateful for the work we did at the Ultimate and continue to do here at home. Thank you for the keys to our hearts.

Deborah Erhard Pimental, Lay Ministry Leader
Honolulu, Hawaii

What an amazing gift Ultimate Leadership has been to me. It is like a gift that keeps on giving and it has effected, infected and affected every part of my life. I don't feel alone on my journey anymore ...or like it's me and Jesus against the world. I have "traveling companions” and I am excited to share the journey with them. I am learning how to feel, deal, and be real ...to accept the good with the bad. I am tracing the roots and finding deeper healing then I ever imagined possible. It’s not all good, but I am also having times of really living.

I am so thankful for all that God continues to give me through Ultimate. I have been in constant contact with Bob from Myrtle Beach and in contact with others from my team. Next week I am starting a Changes that Heal study in my house with some friends. Thank you for the Ultimate Journey.

Peter Rothermel, Episcopal Diocese of South Carolina
Charleston, SC