You and the Controlling Person


Author: Dr. Henry Cloud

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Many of us have a controlling person in our lives. This person will often pressure you to do something that you really don’t want to do, but you give in again and again. It is important that you understand your role in allowing this control to occur. People “try to control you” because they want you to do something. How do you handle this person? Do you get angry? Do you cave in and then feel resentment? It is your job is to convert the controlling person to a person who is frustrated in their attempts to get you to do something. However, you must be prepared for their reaction. This type of person is rarely happy to hear you say no. It’s important for you to listen to what happens inside of you when this dynamic is occurring. Dr. Cloud will help you say No and develop a strategy to hold on to your freedom and your boundaries.

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You and the Controlling Person


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