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Traumas Impact on You Now! by Kimber Del Valle

By GrowthSkills | Apr 20, 2020

These are unprecedented times – being a part of a global pandemic that’s in our country and if you’re like me, in my hometown. For myself, I’m not sleeping well and when I do, I’m having vivid dreams around the themes of not getting help, not being able to help, or someone getting sick. It doesn’t take…

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Look Closely by Maureen Price

By GrowthSkills | Apr 14, 2020

Hello again friends,Here we are. Another week under our ever-expanding belts (maybe I should speak for myself). Okay, so my belt is expanding but it feels good to have another week behind me. I have been taking my own wise counsel from last week and plugging into divine strength to get through all this. I am doing…

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Structure During Trying Times by Maureen Price

By GrowthSkills | Mar 25, 2020

I imagine most of us are trying to find our new normal during these trying times. Nothing could have really prepared us for this “shelter at home” quarantine. It’s not as if we had a drill to prepare us for anything like this. Many of us recall fire drills and earthquake drills from our school days. Sadly,…

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Salesperson of the Year! by Maureen Price

By GrowthSkills | Jan 9, 2020

When I joined Hallmark Cards in the 80’s, I was excited. I felt I had landed a fun job. I mean, who doesn’t like “greeting cards”? I had spent many hours standing in card aisles, laughing at funny cards with snappy punch lines or getting emotional at the sappy ones. I loved cards. Now I…

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The Act Of Vulnerability by Dennis Del Valle

By GrowthSkills | Dec 17, 2019

The importance of vulnerability has been written about extensively by John and Henry over the years. Recently, Brene Brown ignited our imagination for the power of vulnerability through her books and Ted talks. These thought leaders have helped us see that we desperately need vulnerability; but doing vulnerability well is a challenge.  Our inability to…

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An excerpt from “I Like Giving” by Brad Formsma

By GrowthSkills | Dec 16, 2019

I Like William In the affluent Ivy League town of Princeton, New Jersey, someone like William tends to stick out from the crowd. William is sixty-seven years old, and, as is evident by his appearance, he has a disability. William has cerebral palsy. Our family had become aware of William because we’d see him riding…

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What Is Good Enough by Dr. Michele Fleming

By GrowthSkills | Nov 14, 2019

Everyone has different reactions to the concept of “good enough”. Some laugh, some recoil, some are curious.  Good enough can feel like a cop-out, a license for mediocrity, or a recipe for disaster.   For most of us, good enough doesn’t compute, because we live in two gears:  it’s either “perfect” or a total “failure.” But,…

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What’s Your Racket? By Dr Richard Mullis, Psy. D., Th.M.

By GrowthSkills | Oct 16, 2019

I did some time in Juvenile Hall and Prison. Prior to my time in these ‘penitentiaries’, I had spent thousands of hours engaging in personal and academic study, mentoring relationships, spiritual direction, deep and quality friendships in Christian communities, pastoral counseling, service to others, various discipleship efforts, my own therapy, reading quality books, and more.…

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Structure by Leah Nelson

By GrowthSkills | Sep 24, 2019

Structure. It’s a word that evokes different emotions. Some people hear the word and relax. (After all, how could you get through life without structure?) Some try to deny its existence or necessity. (Those people need to relax!) We learn so many of life’s habits when we are growing up. I, personally, wasn’t raised with…

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