12 Christian Beliefs – Digital Download Series


Authors: Drs. Cloud and Townsend

Each part is 30 minutes.

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12 Christian Beliefs reveals the false assumptions that many people develop from misreading the Bible and listening to someone teach who misinterprets God’s truth.

Downloadable Discussion Questions (PDF Guides):

Part 1: It’s selfish to have my needs met

Part 2: If I’m spiritual enough, I will have no pain or sinfulness

Part 3: If I change my behavior, I will grow spiritually

Part 4: I just need to give it to the Lord

Part 5: One day, I’ll be finished with recovery

Part 6: Leave the past behind

Part 7: If I have God, I don’t need people

Part 8: “Shoulds” are good

Part 9: Guilt and shame are good for me.

Part 10: If I make right choices, I will grow spiritually

Part 11: Just doing the right thing is more important than why I do it

Part 12: If I know the truth, I will grow


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